Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hi from Joyce!

This is my first post for my new blog, so here are a few representative paintings from my etsy shop.
First, my latest item, an end of summer view of trees in the park at Chatsworth (in the Peak District), a place I regularly visit through the year. These odd-shaped trees have had their lowermost branches nibbled by sheep to make a horizontal edge, and have an unreal, toytown feel. The painting is in acrylics with accents in oil pastels, and is on textured acrylic paper.

Here are a few of my older paintings just to give a flavour of what I'm up to.
An acrylic sketch (on paper) of some cooking apples (Bramleys) in a box made of thin wood strips.

A winter view of Bradford valley, near the village of Youlgreave in the Peak District. Amazing colours on the closed buds of trees in late afternoon light. This one is an oil painting on canvas.

An abstract based on golden lichen on an old limestone wall. This is an oil painting on a deep canvas, and is one of a pair on the subject of lichen - gorgeous stuff.

You can see my paintings of landscapes, gardens, flowers, sea and sky, etc. at my etsy shop, azuredayart (

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