Saturday, 19 November 2011

Work in progress - stripy scarf

My next project for the evenings - a stripy skinny scarf in some gorgeous soft wool/acrylic yarn I found in a shop in Bakewell. It's quite beguiling, the way the greys change - I have to hope that they don't reach exactly the same colour anywhere (they approached the same colour in the middle section). The colours are lovely - silvery grey to a deep charcoal. The slip stitch at the edges is a nice punctuation mark and also hides the colour change. This is destined for my Etsy shop of course.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A new scarf - burgundy lace pattern

I've just finished a burgundy scarf in Rowan kid classic (70% lambswool, 26% kid mohair, 4% nylon), in a lacy pattern so that it's warm but not heavy. You can stretch it so that it's long and narrow, or shorter and wide. I plan to add this scarf to my Etsy shop, but the light just now is not good for photography (it's getting near sunset so the light is too yellowy). I'll try again tomorrow - watch this space!
Update, 18 November: I've now managed to take more photos and the scarf is in my Etsy shop. You can see it at

Monday, 7 November 2011

Bath silhouettes - Theatre Royal and King's Spring, Pump Room

Here are my latest two additions to the series on Bath silhouettes - the Theatre Royal and the King's Spring in the Pump Room. I love the elegant metal frame for the lamp by the Theatre Royal, and the little fish with their open mouths are quite appealing. (These drawings were photographed on a sunny day so they look rather different from the others.) It's been great fun drawing these silhouettes; I think half a dozen is enough for now. You can see these two in my Etsy shop at and

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bath skyline - Pulteney Bridge

Here's my latest sewn picture of the Bath skyline, a grey ink silhouette of the Pulteney Bridge (the peak of the pediment is just visible beside the trees) and the amazing array of chimney pots along the rooftops of Bridge Street, with the Victoria Art Gallery. I'm enjoying this grey acrylic ink - it gives a lovely silvery look to a drawing. You can see this in my Etsy shop, at