Monday, 29 August 2011

Green abstract, crimson abstract

My two latest paintings are a couple of gestural abstracts in heavy impasto oil paint, with scratched lines in the more thinly painted areas. I just wanted an area of gorgeous colour. These are on 5 x 7 canvas boards, and you can see them at and

Friday, 26 August 2011

Sky and clouds

My latest sky painting, of clouds sailing by on a summer day. It's was great fun painting this, very cheering.
(Please click on the image to see a larger view.)
It's a 12 x 16 oil painting on a deep canvas, and you can see it at

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Spring hilltop

The hilltop skyline and Hunting Tower at Chatsworth, seen on a fresh spring day. I thought a long horizontal format (8 x 16 inches) would be useful for this oil painting, which shows soft grey clouds sailing past. The trees are just starting to show some spring colour.
The Hunting Tower was constructed in the 1580s for Bess of Hardwick, as a summerhouse and possibly for the ladies to view hunting in the park at the foot of the hill (though it does seem to be a long way from the flat riverside area).

Reflections - small abstracts

Two small (5 x 7 inches) abstract oil paintings on deep canvases based on the colours of reflections in the lake by the pinetum at Chatsworth. The shapes of reflections can be surprising - I found the curved areas of colour rather appealing. These paintings can be seen at and

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

It was a cold gloomy day on Sunday so I spent some time painting a sunny day in Paris. This is the scene in the Luxembourg Gardens in July - the big tubs with oleanders and pomegranate trees are out, the flowers look gorgeous, the trees are backlit by dazzling sunshine. A young woman enjoys a quiet moment on the terrace
This acrylic painting is 8 x 8 inches and you can see it at

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Paris bridges

Two recent additions to my etsy shop are these summer views of the Pont Neuf and Pont des Arts. This is what you see from more or less the same point on the footpath at the downstream end of Ile de la Cite, when you look up and down river. It was great fun painting these little pictures - it brought back so many happy memories of holidays in Paris.
These paintings are each 5 x 7 inches and are on canvas boards. You can see them at and

Friday, 5 August 2011

Spectrum abstracts

I've just finished these two abstract acrylic paintings, each 7 x 7 inches, based on the gorgeous colours of minerals viewed through a petrological microscope. The pure colours of these crystals are very beguiling, and as you rotate the microscope stage, the colours change through the spectrum. The roughly painted black fracture lines give the effect of a stained glass window. These two paintings can be seen at and